Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reflecting on last week...and it's still pumping.

Occy was ruling after getting knocked from Dancing with the Stars.  Occy was psyching to finally get to surf after dancing up a storm.  He definitely was ruling this day (in the below pic).  It's always fun surfing with Occy.  Some of the waves were closing out, but there were a few that were draining away.  Occ managed to paddle into this nugget and got drained the whole wave.  I hope I'm still surfing and doing half as good as he is at his age... legend. 

Video coming from last weeks sessions soon.....

Thanks to Adam Weathered for the pics.


The waves have been amazing everywhere was firing 
Damon Harvey below is always hunting the lefts out at Lovers.  Who could blame the guy, he is probably sick of perfect rights.  

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