Sunday, June 5, 2011


Handley aka - Mr Karaoke. 
Note - Rocal only. 

I just got home from a trip I did in Japan with my shaper Darren Handley. It was my first time visiting the 

I had no idea what to expect - the best way I could explain it to someone that has never been to Japan, is that it feel's like your in a futuristic cartoon.  While I was there we travelled to Osaka, which a little surf town about a hour flight south of Tokyo.

There had been a typhoon that hit the day prior to us getting there, so were scored a couple fun waves - but nothing amazing.  But I wasn't expecting too much.

All in all, it was a really fun trip.  Amazing people and fun times, but I was excited to get back home. 
The day I got back I was Surfing 6 feet waves and it has been amazing since.

Dbar - doing its best impression of Pipeline. 
I got to surf with all my mates and the session with Occy at Dbar was rememberable to say the least.  I will be cutting some lifestyle stuff from Japan and also I will show some clips of some of the waves that we have been scoring on the East coast of late.  Here are some shots in the mean time while I am working on the video parts.  

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