Thursday, July 14, 2011

South Coast to FIJI Best week of my Life Boom ......

Wave of my life ....

So I just got back from a week of crazy waves and good times, chasing a swell from south coast of Sydney, then onto Fiji. I seriously have never experienced so many pumping waves in one week of my life! Thanks to Dean Bowen for showing me the ropes around the south coast, they defiantly are spoiled with good waves - and a lot less crowded than what i am used to! 

Wave of my life 

Here is a video clip of the wave i caught out at cloud break. I knew I was going into a massive swell in Fiji but i didn't know if people were going to be towing in or paddling. I never ride massive boards in AUS so the biggest board i have at home is a 6.10 and i quickly realised how under gunned i was!! A couple of long hold downs, and few broken boards later, i became really frustrated. Making the executive decision to wait it out, 4 hours later, I finally caught this wave.... and if i knew it would of been the wave of my life i would of waited all day! 

South Coast Vid 

Hippo Heads South from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

 Dean Bowen: At such a young age, Dean's surfing 
blows me away! Always keeps his cool in heavy situations.
Wes Berg trading in 18ft Molakai board for a Jetski ride 

 blue water

 another empty

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  1. Wow, can you reupload the cloudbreak wave at a higher quality?